Professional moving assistance
Moving can be an intensive task and is often very time-consuming. In that case, it’s nice to get help from professionals who have tons of experience with it. Our team of professional movers will safely and professionally move your belongings; from furniture that needs to be moved from one office building to another, to a heavy piano that has to be lifted from a fourth-floor apartment. Our moving service is available for both private persons and families as well as businesses and organisations. And our service is always guaranteed to be safe and secure.

Relocation service for the Netherlands and Belgium
Goedkoop Ontruiming handles relocations throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. And we also offer a variety of additional services such as dis(connecting) electricity and gas, packing items and (dis)assembling furniture. Even installing your new kitchen is not a problem for our movers. Should there be furniture or household appliances you don’t want to move to your new address, we will dispose of these items so you won’t have to. Goods that are still in good condition will, with your permission, go to our charity stores so they can be reused. And you can always count on us to leave the old property swept clean.

Tailormade moving services
Of course you are the one who decides which tasks you will take on yourself and for which ones your hire our professional movers. Want to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us and we will make you a free quotation.